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Promotion of industry’s concerns and image

Industry plays a crucial economic role in France and in Europe. It is a significant creator of wealth and the main driver for progress and export activity. To ensure industry’s future, industrial policy must be seen as a priority both in France and in Europe.


The objective of Cercle de l’Industrie is to take part in the debate on definition and implementation of a competitive industrial policy.


Cercle de l’Industrie organises many events such as President’s meetings with political leaders, conferences, training and student forums, in order to create a dialogue between the major French companies of all industrial sectors and policy makers, but also to raise the awareness of young people about industry related issues.



High-level meetings

Cercle de l'Industrie members have the opportunity to attend high-level debates with leading figues from French, European and international organisations (such as political institutions or groups, labour organisations, ...)



Student forums

Cercle de l’Industrie regularly invites students from leading engineering and business schools to a working breakfast with the CEO of a major French industrial company.


The students learn about the day-to-day concerns of an industrialist in France, thereby improving their understanding of the strategic and economic challenges facing French industry, and helping them to position themselves in the job markets of the future.



Publication of European information

Following changes in  European policies is key to influence the policy-making process, through timely and tailored actions.


Cercle de l'Industrie's members receive a monthly newsletter on the latest developments in the EU policy related topics such as internal market, competition, international trade, R&D and innovation, internal market and energy policies.




Institut des Hautes Etudes de l’Entreprise (IHEE)


Cercle de l’Industrie is a founding member of IHEE, a leadership development organization created and driven by the think tank l'Institut de l'Entreprise.


The Cercle de l’Industrie focuses in particular on the industry-related content of the IHEE’s year-long seminar programme, called  “Competiveness and innovation in industry”, which helps to raise awareness of the realities of corporate life in a global context, among tomorrow's economic leaders.


IHEE’s programme aims to raise the awareness of future political leaders about the enterprise.




The Fabrique de l’industrie


The Fabrique de l’industrie, founded in 2011 by Cercle de l’Industrie, the Union des Industries et des Métiers de la Metallurgie (UIMM) and the Groupe des Fédérations Industrielles (GFI), is a think tank aiming at developing the debate and thinking on industrial issues.


Cercle de l’Industrie is member of the Board of the Fabrique de l’industrie and help to identify the topics handled in the framework of the think tank's publications.


Our events

Le Cercle de l'Industrie reçoit Frédérique Vidal, Ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche



Cercle de l’Industrie’s position on the future EU Trade Strategy The EU Trade Policy is at the core of European industrial companies’ interest, as a means to access new markets for their goods and services, to expand and create jobs and growth in the EU. >>>